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The book cover of Shadow Lines

Shadow Lines

Stephen Kinnane
ISBN:1 86368 237 6
RRP: $29.95

Shadow Lines is the remarkable story of Jessie Argyle and Edward Smith, the author’s grandparents. At five years of age Jessie Argyle was taken from her family in the remote East Kimberley in Australia’s north-west, forced to walk 250 kilometres to the coast with police on horseback, placed on a ship and sent 3,000 kilometres south to grow up in an institution for Aboriginal children. Edward Smith was born into a modest middle-class family of clerks and civil servants in London. At eighteen Edward emigrated to a distant corner of the British Empire - Australia.

In a deeply racially divided society, Jessie and Edward met, fell in love and, against strong opposition, married.

Beautifully written, Shadow Lines is a powerful, deeply personal and inspiring story of love and the ability of the human spirit to triumph despite, what seem to be, overwhelming odds.

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