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The book cover of Toccata and Rain

Toccata and Rain

Philip Salom
ISBN:1 92073 149 0
RRP: $24.95

Simon reluctantly finds himself at the centre of a controversy over two large sculptural spires he has constructed in his suburban backyard in Melbourne. A television interview results in a late-night phone call from a wife in Perth, of whom he has no recollection. Suddenly Simon is plunged into a psychological maelstrom that has at its centre a childhood trauma so horrific in its consequences, he gradually realises, that he has been trying to escape from it all his life.

Compelling, mysterious and erotically charged, Toccata and Rain slowly peels back the layers, ambiguities and complexities of one man’s life. The result is a startling virtuoso performance.

Phillip Salom has a well-established reputation as a poet and has won Australian and international awards for his work. He has published one previous novel Playback.

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