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The book cover of Levin’s God

Levin’s God

Roger Wells
ISBN:1 92073 131 8
RRP: $24.95

Drugs, Sex and Rock ‘n’ roll.

Levin’s God is an epic novel of the 70s. Levin Hoffman is lead singer and songwriter in a rock band that has one big hit. In true rock-and-roll style, Levin and his friends embark on a hedonistic diet of drugs, sex and music but, as they soon discover, fame and fortune has its cost. In a world fuelled by excess, the accidental death of Shelley, Levin’s only true love, sends him to the brink of despair and madness. Things go from bad to worse until eventually he finds himself in Bangkok where murder and betrayal force Levin to reassess his life. Finally in the sanctuary of a Buddhist monastery he embarks on a journey towards understanding and self-awareness.

Roger Wells was born in Perth. In the late 70s he was lead singer and songwriter of the Little Heroes, a successful Melbourne rock band who had a hit single with One Perfect Day. He currently lives in Melbourne.

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