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The book cover of Under A Tin-Grey Sari

Under A Tin-Grey Sari

Wayne Ashton
ISBN:1 86368 377 1
RRP: $24.95

A sensual love story set in 1967 in the bustling city of Chittagong, East Pakistan. Khalid is an ambitious young cook whose dreams of fame and fortune are destroyed when it is alleged that his revolutionary design for a new style of tandoor oven has been copied from an English sahib’s factory. His struggle to reclaim his invention blinds him to the deepening affections of the beautiful new ayah who, to confirm rumours that the love-making of the sahib types is different, has been spending secret erotic afternoons with the mini-sahib of the household. Told against the backdrop of the impending summer monsoon with its leaden skies, this is a tale of desire, betrayal, bizarre accident and unreason to which the reader willingly succumbs.

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