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The book cover of Jazz Tango

Jazz Tango

Tracy Ryan
ISBN:1 86368 361 5
RRP: $22.95

Jas is alone, uprooted and struggling, an Australian failing to make a living in dirty, unglamorous London - until she meets Todd. Suddenly, she is launched into another world. One where the mortgage is paid and the help take care of practical matters. There is nothing left to worry about. Or is there? Neither one thing nor the other, belonging nowhere, Jas bumps along from one experience to the next, a grip on language--her running commentary--the only lifeline. Her words unravel for us where the romance novel usually ends. Marriage is the question, not the answer. And then she finds Miriam… Inspired by the ‘Pilgrimage’ novels of Dorothy Richardson, Jazz Tango revisits and pays tribute to the modernist desire to convey female consciousness. But it is also a quest in its own right, concerned with the nature of responsibility toward oneself and others.

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