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The book cover of The Chelsea Manifesto

The Chelsea Manifesto

Bruce Russell
ISBN:1 86368 263 5
RRP: $19.95

Ben Wallymacher has always struggled to keep up with Francis. Friends from childhood, their lives diverge as they battle with the big questions - relationships, fathering, the limits of spontaneity, the usefulness of seventies obsessions like the ‘human potential movement’ - until they’re drawn together again by Francis’ elusive daughter, Piaf.

This ironic, comic novel flits from the past to the present, weaving a tale of life’s journey with some pretty interesting pit stops - geodesic domes, psycho-drama and gurus, armed robbery and prison, New York and Fremantle, the Chelsea Hotel and Adele’s B and B. It’s about an ordinary man trying not to make too much of a wally of himself.

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