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The book cover of Ill-Starred Captains

Ill-Starred Captains

Flinders and Baudin

Anthony J Brown
ISBN:1 92073 146 6
RRP: $35.00

Amid the Napoleonic Wars, France and Britain launched rival voyages of discovery to the Antipodes. Led by the outstanding naval captains Nicolas Baudin and Mathew Flinders, these expeditions were seen as vital for gathering geographical and scientific knowledge, yet both expeditions ended in personal disaster for their commanders.

Drawing extensively on original eye witness accounts, logs and journals, Ill Starred Captains brings to life the tragic histories of the two men for whom Fortune had changed seemingly beyond recall, from smiling goddess to right whore.

With a foreword by Tim Flannery, Ill-Starred Captains tells the riveting story of a remarkable competition between two warring colonial nations and provides a major contribution to Australian, British and French history.

Insightful, informative and above all irresistibly entertaining…a must read. Chris Brice.

– The Adelaide Advertiser

An enterprising and absorbing book. James Griffin

– The Weekend Australian

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