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The book cover of The Gates of Memory

The Gates of Memory

Australian People’s Experiences of Memories of Loss and the Great War

Tanja Luckins
ISBN:1 92073 174 1
RRP: $29.95

An elegant and evocative cultural history that explores the meanings, for ordinary Australians, of loss and memory during the First World War. It tells the moving and often poignant stories of those who lost loved ones, and of the succeeding generations who lived with the memories of these losses.

The Gates of Memory invites us to reconsider the places of loss, memory and mourning in Australia’s past and makes a significant contribution to our historical knowledge of war and memory The book challenges academic and popular understandings of Australian history.

Dr Tanja Luckins received a PhD in History from La Trobe University, where she is an associate in the School of Historical and European Studies. Her PhD, on which this book is based, was co-winner of the 2002 inaugural Australian Historical Association’s Serle Award for the best postgraduate thesis in Australian History.

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