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The book cover of Redbill


From Pearls to Peace The Life and Times of a Remarkable Lugger

Kate Lance
ISBN:1 92073 142 3
RRP: $29.95

There were once hundreds of ketches like Redbill fishing for pearlshell in the waters of the old northwest, but few had her gift for survival or friendship.

Built in 1903, Redbill sailed through the great days of Broome pearling and the hard years of the Depression. When war came to the Pacific, Redbill was there as the first bombs fell on Darwin. When her pearling years ended, Redbill took on new lives and new masters. In Papua she hunted crocodiles in giant swamps, carried cargo for missionaries and lived with ex-headhunters as they rebuilt their lost artistic past.

As Redbill of Greenpeace she sailed the South Pacific to defy the French. She helped the refugees of East Timor, she carried troubled teenagers through the waters of Bass Strait and she found the way home for a young Aboriginal man.

Over a century Redbill coped with a lot - and then she ran into Rosita, the most powerful tropical cyclone to strike Broome in ninety years...

Like many before her, author Kate Lance fell for Redbill’s gentle magic, and in this richly illustrated book she traces the many lives of a most unusual lugger.

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