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The book cover of Caravanserai


Hanifa Deen
ISBN:1 86368 388 7
RRP: $24.95

In 1993 Hanifa Deen set out on a journey of the heart and mind to show the human face of Australian Muslims: ordinary people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, people who mow their lawns, worry about their mortgages, love their children.

Ten years later, in the wake of September 11 and the Bali bombing, she revisits those people and finds them living in the shadow of the wider community’s hostility. Australia has shifted from the welcoming caravanserai that Deen originally envisaged to a place that many Australian Muslims no longer see as safe for their families. The whispered voices of prejudice from the past are now loud and shrill and gaining currency day by day.

A powerful reminder of what the Australian "national character" truly is, and a stronger argument that the toleration of prejudice and maltreatment of migrants, asylum-seekers, Muslims and Opersons of Middle eastern appearance’ today is profoundly undermining Australia’s maturity as a sovereign nation.

– Moira Rayner writer, lawyer, speaker and human rights activist

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