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The book cover of Venus in Transit

Venus in Transit

Douglas Sellick (editor)
ISBN:1 86368 394 1
RRP: $24.95

In this marvellous collection Douglas Sellick brings to life the true stories of twenty women who, during the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth century, travelled to and around Australia. From Mary Ann Parker who embarked with her husband on a voyage to the coast of New Holland, to Marian Ellis Rowan who travelled the colonial wilds dressed in the height of Victorian fashion, to Amy Johnson who flew solo from London to Darwin in 1930, these tales of hardship, adventure and romance will seduce and enthral.

If the exploring of foreign lands is not the highest end or the most useful occupation of feminine existence, it is at least more improving, as well as more amusing, than crochet work. Mabel Sharman Crawford 1863.

– Mabel Sharman Crawford 1863

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