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The book cover of The Last Anzacs

The Last Anzacs

Tony Stephens and Steven Siewert
ISBN:1 92073 136 9
RRP: $27.95

On May 16th 2002 the last of the Anzacs, Alec Campbell died aged 103. To mark his passing Tony Stephens and Steven Siewert have updated their book The Last Anzacs: Lest we Forget to include an interview with Alec Campbell. Together with the interviews and photographs of seventeen other Anzacs, this book, in recording the individual life stories of those men, stands as a historic tribute to those who survived the horrors of Gallipoli. A military campaign that has become to symbolise an important moment in Australian history and a potent reminder of what it means to be Australian.

Tony Stephens is a journalist with the Sydney Morning Herald. Steven Siewert is a photographer with the Sydney Morning Herald.

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