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The book cover of Unwilling Emigrants

Unwilling Emigrants

Alexandra Hasluck
ISBN:1 86368 395 X
RRP: $29.95

New edition of Alexandra Hasluck’s classic study of deportation to colonial Australia

First published by FACP in 1991,Unwilling Emigrants is based on a bundle of tattered letters that were discovered when the old police building in Toodyay, 63 miles NE of Perth, was demolished in 1931. The letters written by Myra Sykes to her husband William, who was sentenced to penal servitude, tell a moving tale of heartbreak and longing and give an extraordinary insight into the effect of convict life upon the human spirit.

Alexandra Hasluck is the author of many other books including Audrey Tennyson’s Vice Regal Days (1978), and Portrait in A Mirror (1981). Georgiana Molloy: A Portrait with Background was re-issued in February 2002 sold out in a matter of months.

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