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The book cover of And Their Ghosts May be Heard

And Their Ghosts May be Heard

Rupert Gerritson
ISBN:1 86368 378 X
RRP: $24.95

Between 1629 and 1727 at least six Dutch ships were marooned or lost sailors on the west coast of Western Australia. What was the fate of these shipwrecked survivors? Did they die in misery soon after being marooned? Or did they intermarry with local Aborigines and leave traces - their ghosts - in an entirely new cultural group? Stimulating and thought provoking And Their Ghosts May Be Heard is a fascinating account of the fortunes of Australia’s first white settlers.

…this book is an important contribution to Australia’s forgotten history.

– Robert Wilson, The Canberra Times.

Gerritson…finds intriguing clues...and produces some fascinating surprises.

– David Harris, Weekend Books.

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