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The book cover of Journey to the Dawn of Time

Journey to the Dawn of Time

Return to Devil’s Roost

John Long
ISBN:1 86368 357 7
RRP: $14.95

‘Dinosaur Chaser’ John Long’s, Journey to the Dawn of Time is the long awaited sequel to Mystery of Devil’s Roost. Fifteen years later, Sarah is a palaeontologist at the Queensland museum and Peter is a famous novelist. An unexpected and mysterious visit from an old man brings them back to Devil’s Roost to embark on another exciting quest which takes them back…and back…and back - to a time when the earth was no more than a “bubbling primordial soup”. Only this time, the outcome of their quest will affect everyone on the planet!

John Long is the curator of vertebrate palaeontology Western Australian Museum and winner of the 2001 Eureka prize for his outstanding contribution to the promotion of science over the past decade. He is also a well-known scientific and popular writer. His previous publications include Dinosaurs of Australia and other animals of the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods (Reed Books, 1993), Sea Monsters (K McNamara, Western Australian Museum 1991) and The Mystery of Devil’s Roost

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