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children's books

The book cover of The Judas Donkey

The Judas Donkey

Errol Broome
ISBN:1 92073 118 0
RRP: $14.95

The Judas donkey had a beeper hung around her neck. She didn’t know that men in helicopters were tracking her path .She was caught in her own trap and couldn’t stop herself from leading her friends into a worse one. Francesca has lived in Kununurra all her life and all she had ever wanted is a horse of her own. When her grandfather retires and brings home the Judas donkey it feels like a cruel substitute for her dream. But it is hard not to love the steadfast Judy, and with her comes a new friend, Tula. Life in Kununurra goes on, and nothing stays the same forever, but as Francesca discovers, there’s a lot you can learn from a donkey.

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