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The book cover of Two Sisters

Two Sisters

Ngarta and Jukuna

Ngarta Jinny Bent, Jukuna Mona Chuguna and Pat Lowe
Eirlys Richards (translator)
ISBN:1 92073 126 1
RRP: $24.95

Two Sisters is the unique story of two Walmajarri sisters, Ngarta and Jukuna. Born in the Great Sandy Desert as hunters and gatherers they grew up in a time of great upheaval when desert people where leaving their country and heading north to a new life on cattle stations. Jukuna, the elder sister, goes first with her new husband, and the younger sister Ngarta is left behind with a small group of women and children. Disaster strikes, and the tragedy that follows affects both sisters, yet each sister must make a life for herself under conditions for which neither is prepared. Jukuna wrote her life story in her own language, translated here by Eirlys Richards; Ngarta’s story is told by Pat Lowe.

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