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children's books

Bawoo Stories

May O'Brien

Four traditional Aboriginal stories. Stories were told so that children would come to understand their land, their people and their beginnings. These stories tell of the animals that shared the land with the people and of how they came into being.

Why The Emu Can’t Fly

RRP: $11.95
ISBN:1 86368 025 X

Barn-Barn Barlala, The Bush Trickster

RRP: $11.95
ISBN:1 86368 026 8

How Crows Became Black

RRP: $11.95
ISBN:1 86368 027 6

The Kangaroos Who Wanted To Be People

RRP: $11.95
ISBN:1 86368 028 4

Bawoo Stories Teaching Ideas

RRP: $24.95
ISBN:1 86368 034 9

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