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The book cover of Pila Nguru

Pila Nguru

The Spinifex People

Scott Cane
ISBN:1 86368 348 8
RRP: $49.95

Pila Nguru examines the lives and culture of a small group of Aboriginal people who inhabit the remote corner of the Great Victorian Desert. Similar in its approach to the ground-breaking work Reading the Country, Scott Cane uses a combination of essays, traditional stories and interviews to provide a fascinating insight into the history and culture of the Spinifex people who were the first community to achieve full native title rights to land in mainland Australia The text is accompanied by 32 stunning images painted by the Spinifex people to give meaning to their achievement in native title and to symbolically express the grandeur of their law and the meaning of their country.

For more information on the art of the Spinifex people please visit their website.

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