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The book cover of Aegean Light

Aegean Light

A Celebration of the Olympic Spirit

Nick Melidonis (photographer)
ISBN:1 92073 109 1
RRP: $39.95

To know Greece well, would take a lifetime but to fall in love with it takes only an instant.

– Henry Miller

In this elegant coffee table book Nick Melidonis has captured, in beautiful colour photographs, the essence of the Cyclades, the central group of islands that form a circle around the sacred Island of Delos, home to Apollo the god of light. Images of sparkling white beaches, the intense blue of the Aegean, soaring cliff-scapes and cosy flowered courtyards offer us an exquisite glimpse into a way of life that has endured for generations.

Published to coincide with the Olympic Games returning to the place of its birth, Aegean Light is a celebration of the beauty of the islands and of the people who represent the Spirit of Olympia.

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