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The book cover of Wool


The Australian Story

Richard Woldendorp, Roger McDonald and Amanda Burdon (photographers)
ISBN:1 86368 396 8
RRP: $59.95

Wool: The Australian Story is a stunning collaboration between three outstanding Australian Artists: Roger McDonald’s story about the early years of the wool industry serves as a frame for the uniquely wonderful photographs of Richard Woldendorp, which are complemented by the meticulously researched historical and contemporary perspective of Amanda Burdon’s commentary.

Together they create an insightful artistic synergy that tells the story of wool and it’s place in the story of Australia.

Richard Woldendorp is well-known for his aerial landscape photographs and the author of many books including Australia’s West, Down To Earth, Design By Nature and Australia’s Flying Doctors all of which are published by Fremantle Arts Centre Press

Roger McDonald is the author of six novels including the prize-winning 1915 and Mr Dawin’s Shooter. His account of travelling through the outback with a team of New Zealand shearers, Shearers’ Motel, was awarded the 1993 National Book Award for non- fiction.

Amanda Burdon was an associate editor and senior writer with Australian Geographic and author of The Australian Geographic Guide to the Murray River, she is now a freelance writer and editor based in Sydney.

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