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The book cover of Broken Circles

Broken Circles

Anna Haebich
ISBN:1 86368 305 4
RRP: $35.00

Broken Circles is the story of Australia’s Stolen Generations. It is a major work, revealing the dark heart of the shared history of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians. Aboriginal child removal emerges as an essential part the processes of dispossession, depopulation and destruction of Aboriginal societies and cultures that began with colonisation and continue to affect Aboriginal communities to this day.

Anna Haebich provides a comprehensive and accessible national overview of events from the earliest abductions of Aboriginal children by colonists, to the systematic removal and institutionalisation of the first half of the twentieth century and the treatment of children and their families under the assimilation policies of the fifties and sixties. She also tells of the struggles and achievements of Aboriginal people to return control over the children to their families.

Broken Circles is the winner of several prestigious prizes including: Winner, 2001 NSW Premiers Book of the Year Award Winner, 2001 NSW History Award Winner, WH Stanner Award

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