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The book cover of Keeping the Wanjias Fresh

Keeping the Wanjias Fresh

Sam Woolagoodja and the Enduring Power of Lalai

Valda Blundell and Donny Woolagoodja
ISBN:1 92073 168 7
RRP: $35.00

Keeping the Wanjinas Fresh is the story of the people of the Wanjinas and their unbroken living cosmology of Lalai - the Dreaming. The power of Lalai was manifest most visibly in the dazzling giant Wanjina designed by Donny Woolagoodja that presided over the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics.

Donny’s father, Sam Woolagoodja, was responsible for repainting the sacred Wanjinas in many of the rock shelters that dot the Kimberly landscape, and was among the first to paint the sacred stories on bark and board to bring the events of Lalai to the children now living far from their homelands.

Includes thirty-two full colour reproductions of paintings.

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