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The book cover of Magwheel Madness

Magwheel Madness

Jon Doust and Ken Spillman
ISBN:1 92073 176 8
RRP: $14.95

Trouble is brewing in the Shire of Serventy. Hoons in hotted up cars have started treating the roads around the primary school like a racing circuit. A gate is snapped clean off its hinges. The oval is pripped raw by drag racers.

When a school bus is run off the road and an excursion is abandoned, the Serventy Kids decide that it’s time to take action.

Can Hayley get the Bumcrack Kid to join the campaign?

Will Sergeant Wilson catch the culprits before Mrs Abernathy slays him with her cakes?

Anything could happen in this second exciting Serventy Kids adventure - and it probably will!

Jon Doust and Ken Spillman’s first highly successful Serventy Kids book was Magpie Mischief

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