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The book cover of Feasts and Friends

Feasts and Friends

Women and Food from Across the World

Lorraine McGinniss
ISBN:1 92073 192 X
RRP: $35.00

Each week a group of women from all over the world gather around a kitchen stove to share cooking experiences and the stories of their homelands. The stove is common ground for recently arrived immigrant and refugee women who need the company of other women, a place and time they can just ‘be’, and the support of local women ready to help them sort out the many problems confronting them as they adjust to a new culture and language. The company and camaraderie the women enjoy as they cook are among the things they miss most about their homelands.

Feasts and Friends is a wonderful collection of new ideas, recipes and techniques which originated in homes in Afghanistan, Brazil, Vietnam, Liberia, Iraq, El Salvador, Iran and Sudan.

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