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The book cover of Through Silent Country

Through Silent Country

Carolyn Wadley Dowley
ISBN:1 86368 281 3
RRP: $26.95

Through Silent Country is a journey of discovery and testimony which began when Carolyn Wadley Dowley stumbled upon a small reference to a remarkable escape story. Although at first it seemed faint, she set out to follow the trace of the narrative back to its origins, in the remote area around Laverton, north-east of Kalgoorlie - Wongutha Country - and piece together a remarkable story of injustice, survival and triumph.

On the whim of the government authorities of the day, eighteen Wongutha people were exiled away from their Country and their people, sent a thousand kilometres away, almost to Perth. They were locked up, trucked off, given inmate numbers in a government compound - their fate was sealed. And then they escaped. It was perhaps the largest escape bid in the history of that place of exile. They escaped, and walked home to their Country ...

— an extract from Through Silent Country

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