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The book cover of Emma


A Recipe for Life

Emma Ciccotosto and Michale Bosworth
ISBN:1 86368 230 9
RRP: $18.95

In 1939 a frightened, homesick girl of thirteen from a impoverished rural Italy arrived in an Australia still recovering from the Great Depression. Emma’s story brings together two cultures: the traditional society of the Abruzzi and Anglo-Saxon Australia of the mid-twentieth century. Emma weathered the cultural shock by taking the best from both, and by always refusing to be discouraged.

Emma’s story is not one of enormous heroism or sacrifice. It is much more than that. Her irrepressible zest for life, her good humour and unshakable optimism make her story at once uniquely her own, and a mirror of the experiences of thousands of migrant women in Australia today.

Emma: A Recipe for Life includes a wonderful cookbook of Emma’s favourite recipes; recipes Emma says are designed for ‘tasty cooking by ordinary people not famous cooks.’.

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