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The book cover of Pomegranate Season

Pomegranate Season

Carolyn Pollizzotto
ISBN:1 86368 226 0
RRP: $21.95

A year of plantings and cullings; a year of paradox and of waiting; a year in which everything, and nothing, seems to happen. Pomegranate Season is alive with the pleasures of the everyday good food, swimming, reading, friendship, family life, the natural world whilst never being far away from the working through of a grief so fundamental ‘the sun simply left the sky’.

I dreamed last night that Luke was normal. It wasn’t that he had suddenly been ‘cured’. He was simply our little boy, Luke. No weight hung heavily on that name.

— an extract from Pomegranate Season

Combining personal reminiscence, detailed observation, meditation and lyrical description, Carolyn Polizzotto’s Pomegranate Season is moving and enlightening.

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