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The book cover of Coming and Going

Coming and Going

Andra Kins
ISBN:1 92073 138 5
RRP: $24.95

Coming and Going is the story of four generations of women and their individual journeys to find self expression within the family.

The story begins with Oma, a Latvian refugee who struggles with loss of culture, history and identity when she emigrates to Australia. Her daughter, Gunta, grows up in the resulting displaced, isolated family and finds a sense of identity and belonging through her talent as a painter. Andra, Gunta’s daughter and the author, finds a sense of place by trying to reconcile the past with the present - Latvia and Australia and the generations of her own family. Coming and Going concludes with Maija, Oma’s great granddaughter, a bright young artist preparing for her first exhibition that gives physical and symbolic expression to this family’s reconciled identity.

Rich in insight and resonating with truth, Coming and Going is an unerringly perceptive portrait of four women, four generations and one family.

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