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The book cover of Clara’s Witch

Clara’s Witch

Natalie Andrews
ISBN:1 92073 162 8
RRP: $24.95

Clara’s Witch is the story of Clara and her struggle to overcome the devastating effects of childhood trauma and domestic abuse.

For Clara the combined experience of war-time evacuation at the age of two, the early death of her mother and the continued physical and verbal violence metered out by her brutal father resulted in an emotionally scarred life punctuated by a series of disasters for which she continually blamed herself.

The only glimmer of hope in Clara’s turbulent life was the discovery that she had a beautiful singing voice and a passion for performance. Her early dream of becoming a famous opera singer was quickly shattered by her father but her desire to entertain and her natural talent finally resulted in her achieving a short-lived but successful career in the working clubs of the north of England. It was only while she was on stage that she truly felt loved and was able to banish her demons.

But it wasn’t until after yet another terrifying incident and her hospitalisation in a psychiatric ward that Clara was finally able to fit the pieces of her life together and discover lasting happiness and her place in the world.

Based on true events, Clara’s Witch is a beautifully written and moving story that will inspire other victims of childhood abuse and remind us all how precious a happy, secure and loving childhood is for every child.

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