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The book cover of All The Troubles

All The Troubles

Terrorism, War and the World after 9/11

Simon Adams
ISBN:1 92073 110 5
RRP: $24.95

What have the events of 9/11 to do with Afghanistan, Bosnia, Palestine, Northern Ireland and other political hot spots around the globe?

In All The Troubles, Simon Adams explains, in 26 concise essays, the underlying history and politics of the new world order. He shows how the violence is neither random nor a simplistic case of good versus evil but rooted in a history of empire, colonialism and the Cold War. He also lays bare Australia’s role in supporting the United States.

More serious than Moore and more compact than Pilger, All the Troubles is a book that will open your eyes and illuminate in stark relief the reality that lies behind the headlines that dominate our newspapers everyday.

Dr Simon Adams is a specialist in history and international politics. He has published many books including the critically acclaimed Exit Wounds: Murder, Diaspora and the Irish Troubles. (Crossing Press, 2001). He also writes for newspapers and magazines and is a regular political commentator on ABC radio and television. Dr Adams is currently Dean of the College of Arts and Associate Professor of Politics and History within the College at University of Notre Dame.

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