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The book cover of Down To Earth

Down To Earth

Tim Winton
Richard Woldendorp (photographer)
ISBN:1 86368 259 7
RRP: $49.95

A dazzling collection of extraordinary Australian landscapes from renowned photographer Richard Woldendorp, accompanied by a substantial essay from Tim Winton, examining his own personal responses to the land.

Landscape is a personal passion of mine, perhaps even an obsession. I travel silly distances, undergo myriad discomforts to be out in it, to revisit country I’m intimate with, encounter places and landforms I’m a stranger to. I seek out images of landscape in art and literature, feel it drawing me with a force I can’t always explain, but it’s an itch I scratch without ever having to feel particularly lonely because it seems that many Australian’s share a similar preoccupation.

– Tim Winton

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