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The book cover of Secrets in the Tingle Forest

Secrets in the Tingle Forest

Louise Schofield
ISBN:1 86368 371 2
RRP: $14.95

Sharni is 12 years old and she’s a mess. It is a year exactly since her father died in a horrific forestry accident and she is still in deep mourning.

There is only one thing to do on this sad day - Sharni must go to the secret place Dad took her to on his last day alive. Dad took Sharni deep into the forest and showed her the tallest tingle tree in the world, growing out of a deep crater. The king tingle symbolises everything that’s worth living for - and it must be protected. Many years before, three foresters found the king tingle and swore to keep it secret, to protect it from tourists. One of the oathtakers was Dad. On the day Sharni swore to protect the king too, the others had long been dead. Now she is the only one left.

Sharni becomes lost in the forest. Cold and huddling overnight, she is frightened by the appearance of a strange old man who seems to be a part of the forest itself. There are many secrets in the tingle forest dangers as well - but like the bush after a wildfire, Sharni discovers the power of self-healing as well.

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