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policy and publishing guidelines

Curtin University Books is an exciting new partnership between Fremantle Arts Centre Press and Curtin University of Technology.

Curtin University Books will publish non-fiction, research-based titles that appeal to a wide readership.

We are committed to publishing innovative books that engage readers in creative, social and historical ideas that stretch the imagination, challenge points of view and contribute significantly to the existing intellectual and public debate in areas relevant to Australia.

Preference will be given to titles that push the boundaries between the scholarly and the literary and that present ideas in a unique and provocative manner.

Curtin University Books will work with authors to develop manuscript with potential.

guidelines for authors

Curtin University will consider unsolicited manuscripts in accordance with our Policy and Publishing Guidelines. All manuscripts must be typed, double spaced and printed on A4 paper, on one side only.

Submissions should be sent to:
Associate Publisher
Curtin University Books
Fremantle Arts Centre Press
PO Box 158
North Fremantle WA 6159
To contact:
Phone: (08) 9430 6331
When submitting a manuscript for publication, or a publishing proposal, please include the following information:
Working title
  • Complete contents list
  • Number of words
  • Illustrations (How many? What kind?)
Manuscript completion date (if not already completed).
For incomplete manusripts please include an outline of about 3000 words and at least 2 chapters.
Author information
  • Contact details
  • Title/position's held, qualifications etc.
  • Previous publications (include format, title, publication date)
Type of research (PhD, teaching research etc.)
What is the intention/main thesis/point of view/perspective
Describe the approach and the rationale for the approach (may include writing style/voice)
Critical/strongest features
Describe the work's most critical or strongest features with reference to publishing guidelines (may be things like writing style/literary merit, area of research, originality of ideas or research approach).
Who will read/buy this book (include both academic and lay readers).
Does it have overseas appeal? If so, where?
Review of publications in the area
List major publications in the area (include: title, author, publisher and date of publication).
Any competing titles? If so, how is this different? (Could include area, approach, point of view etc.)
Has the work been refereed? Who was the referee/reviewer?
Name the major academic/scholarly authorities in the area. (Include complete names and contact details).
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